Founded by artist and designer, Mali Rezai, Weird Friends is a space that celebrates the artfully unconventional.

Inspired by Mali's love for esoteric symbolism, astrology, and old-world mysticism, Weird Friends leans toward 'that kind of weird'.

Her strong sense of design and eye for unique artistic pieces and treasures set the tone for Weird Friends, making it a cozy home for those who appreciate unique and intentional pieces.

Mali's innate ability to discern and curate is reflected in the marketplace. At Weird Friends, it's not just about art; it's about embracing a unique aesthetic that challenges the conventional and inspires us to reach new creative depths.

Weird Friends was created as a space to connect people with themselves. A depth that can be felt. It is a community first, aiming to inspire and uplift independent artists, makers, and brands and encourage curiosity and self-discovery in life's every moment.